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Cleaning Service in Wilmington, CA

Servicing a 50 Mile Radius with Commercial Cleaning in Wilmington, CA, and Surrounding Areas

Clean House


A cluttered and untidy workspace can disrupt productivity and create unnecessary stress. We understand the importance of maintaining a clean and organized commercial environment. When your messy space is getting in the way of your business, it is time for a quality cleaning service from HousekeePink Services.


When it comes to spotless shine, our cleaning company provides first-rate assistance to businesses in Wilmington, CA. Our expert team specializes in delivering top-tier commercial cleaning services tailored to the unique needs of your business. We’re dedicated to keeping your commercial space nice and tidy, providing an optimal working environment for your team, and ensuring continuous, productive days.



At HousekeePink Services, we are committed to enhancing the cleanliness and functionality of your commercial property. We offer various services to meet all your needs, including solar panel cleaning, pressure washing, gutter cleaning, window cleaning, and more.


We will always respect your privacy and will provide knowledgeable, convenient, timely, and cheerful services. We are a company with employees who come from different countries, cultures, religions, and races, and we expect to be respected by our clients the same way we will accept their own.

Cleaning Cart

Janitorial Services

Commercial Cleaning

Cleaning the Hallways
Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning a Rain Gutter
Pressure washing

Pressure Washing

Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panel cleaning
Cleaning the Window

Window Cleaning

Cleaning Equipment

We are licensed, experienced, and certified. We take your experience to the next level by not only cleaning but by disinfecting, sanitizing, neutralizing, and sterilizing your facilities and homes. Thousands of cleanups and hundreds of satisfied clients can’t be wrong, so trust our reliable team to clean your space thoroughly.


We aim to provide nothing but phenomenal assistance to clients all over Wilmington, CA. If you are looking for a good tidying up, call our commercial cleaning & maid service at HousekeePink Services today! We can’t wait to serve you.


Best Commercial Cleaning Services, reasonable prices and great customer service.

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